Magnesium is well-known for its lightness and good mechanical characteristics. Main uses are in the aluminium and die casting industries together with various pharmaceutical and welding applications.


Famous for its resistance to corrosion and for its high weight-resistance ratio, Titanium is light, hard and with a low intensity…

Base Metals

At the London Metal Exchange (LME) Fluorsid partnerships exclusively with Category…

Non Ferrous Alloys

A huge variety of applications in the founding, forming, and extrusion industry…

Semi and Transition Metals

Fluorsid long-standing relationships and networks to producers all over the world…


Semi-finished products, tailormade for the building-, and automotive industry, apparatus engineering…

Ferrous Alloys

The variety of usage in the steel sector requires infinite mechanical quality characteristics…

Other Metals

Co-operators for surface refinements for catalyse processes and for high precision applications.


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