Aluminium (Al)


Light but strong, Aluminium is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and long life. It also has strong thermal and electrical conductivity (about two thirds of that of Copper), combined with malleability, ductility and plasticity.

Easily recyclable, it has very few equals for its ability to form alloys. The use of Aluminium is second only to that of iron, and involves basically all sectors of the world economy. Aviation and aerospace industry, transport, packaging, construction, durable consumer goods, power lines, machinery, optics, are some of the sectors involving the use of aluminum.

Fluorsid, together with ingots and billets, is able to supply a range of Aluminium powders and flakes. Applications for these materials range from pyrotechnic articles to coatings and chemicals.


– Aluminium wire rod
– Primary aluminium ingots and billets
– Secondary aluminium ingots and billets
– Aluminium granules

Aluminium Powders

The powders and shavings are produced using advanced atomization and grinding techniques. The standards meet specific market requirements, but products tailored to customer requirements are available.

Product data sheets or safety data sheets would be provided upon request.