Lead (Pb)

Lead is characterised by malleability, resistance from corrosion and high density. Its main application is in the automotive industry as electrodes in the lead-acid batteries.

The use of Lead is generally associated with Zinc, Silver and mainly Copper, extracted together with these metals. Actually, most of the Lead in use comes from recycled sources. In the mines, the Lead minerals are extracted and ground, then separated from the inert rock by flotation and then melted mixed with coal in a vertical oven, thus separating the sulfur fumes and the slag.

Work Lead must be further refined electrolytically or thermally. In the first case, Lead is melted into anodes, and electrolysis is carried out towards electrolytic Lead cathodes of the same surface, using fluosilicic acid as the electrolyte. Electrolytic Lead can reach a purity of 99.99%. In the second case, the metals making up the impurities are extracted by means of successive fusions of the work Lead, first removing the Copper in the form of Oxide from the surface, then the Bismuth and the Silver.

Our products

– Primary lead ingots from Pb 99,97 – 99,99 %
– Secondary lead ingots
– Lead bullion
– Lead anodes in various forms and shapes
– Lead sheets
– Lead granules

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