Zinc (Zn)

Zinc is widely used in the construction sector and the automobile industry.

Galvanizing, die casting and recycling are some of the main activities that Fluorsid develops within the various processes. About frequency of technological use and annual tons produced, Zinc is behind only Iron, Aluminum and Copper.

Some of the uses of Zinc are identifiable in the galvanization of metals such as steel, to avoid corrosion, but also in the automotive industry for components. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, in particular in dermatology, dentistry and ophthalmology, and for the production of gold and silverware.

Our products

– Zinc SHG (min. 99.995%) in Jumbos or ingots
– Zinc anodes (Zinc balls diam. 40 and 50 mm, discs and many other forms and shapes)


– Zinc ashes, mattes and drosses 


– Zinc wire / Zinc-Aluminium wire
– Zinc oxide

Product data sheets or safety data sheets would be provided upon request.