What We Do

Adopting OUR CORE VALUES and ethical business approach, we are committed to ensure efficiency, seizing global market opportunities. At every level.

What we do


Fluorsid was established in 1969 in Sardinia. Through its different plants and mines across Italy, Norway and UK, covers the entire fluorine value chain, from the extraction of fluorspar to HF and its derivative products. 

Through its gypsum and anhydrite productions, Fluorsid operates in many industries such as cement and construction in general, while with the important volumes of sulfuric acid that come out from its plants, represents a key support for many segments such as fertilizer producers, pharmaceutical companies and other players in the supply of synthetic detergents.

All Fluorsid’s activities are conducted with special attention to the quality of the products and high respect for the environment.

In its fifty-year history, Fluorsid has continuously grown and improved, thanks to its internal know-how, research-driven technological developments, continuous investments and targeted acquisitions.

Fluorsid distributes its products across dozens of countries worldwide to its first class partners, such as aluminium smelters, polymers manufacturers, cement producers and others.