What We Do

Adopting OUR CORE VALUES and ethical business approach, we are committed to ensure efficiency, seizing global market opportunities. At every level.

What we do

Leading the market

FLUORSID was founded in 1969 in Sardinia and through its plants and offices located between Italy and Norway, plays a crucial role in the fluorine value chain. The management of all phases of the production process, together with the integrated services relating to the marketing and management of market dynamics, guarantees the customer for what concern supplies and support, with highest quality and efficiency.

Through its gypsum and anhydrite productions, FLUORSID operates in many industries such as cement and construction in general, while with the significant volumes of sulfuric acid coming out of its plants, it is a major player in supporting many segments such as fertilizer manufacturers.

Through the trading branch of the Company, Fluorsid provides the highest expertise in raw materials, being the perfect bridge between supply and demand across metals, chemicals and minerals. Its wise competence in risk management copes with growing volatility of the raw material markets over recent years.

All Fluorsid’s activities are conducted with special attention to the quality of the products and high respect for the environment.

In its fifty-year history, Fluorsid has constantly grown and improved, thanks to its internal know-how, research-driven technological developments, continuous investments and targeted acquisitions.

Leveraging  knowledge of top experts in the industry guarantees customers high quality products, together with  investments and study of market dynamics. Accured focus on fluctuations, prices and risk management, combined with integrated analysis services, ensure the best answer to particular needs. Punctual timing in deliveries, safe packaging, inventory, all at the most competitive cost: elements that are part of an approach oriented towards long-term relationships with partners and the desire to make them happy.


To report directly to our registered office, please write to:

Area Industriale di Cagliari
2a Strada Macchiareddu
09032 Assemini (CA)

Please state on the envelope COMPLAINT / REPORT SA8000 or COMPLAINT / ANTI-CORRUPTION REPORT 37001 – Code of Ethics – MOGC 231 depending on the subject matter of the report

You can also use the following reporting channels provided by Fluorsid S.p.A

For SA8000 Reports

Via e-mail through the dedicated account: segnalazioniSA8000.cagliari@fluorsid.com

Certification Body:

  • Bureau Veritas Italia Spa, divisione Certificazione – Att.ne
    Responsabile CSR, viale Monza, 347 – 20126 Milano
    Fax +39 02 2552980 | E mail csr@bureauveritas.com

Accreditation Body:

  • SAAS Social Accountability Accreditation Services, (SAAS): 9 East, 37th Street, 10th Floor – New York, NY 10016 | tel: (212) 391-2106 | e-mail: saas@saasaccreditation.org

For Anti-Corruption Reports 37001 / Code of Ethics / Model 231

  • per posta elettronica – odv.cagliari@fluorsid.com
  • ordinary email – Area Industriale di Cagliari 2a Strada Macchiareddu 09032 Assemini (CA) – Italia – reserved for the attention of the Organismo di Vigilanza 
  • through the platform (https://fluorsid.integrityline.com/), accessible to people both inside and outside the company.

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Ing. Michele Lavanga

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