Our Values

People matter and planet matter too. We firmly want to act in ways to create a more sustainable and a better future around us. 

Our Values

WE ARE Our beliefs

Fluorsid strongly believes on three main pillars based on Integrity, Ambition and Perseverance, that guide decisions at every level and that are constantly kept in mind. The leadership team leverage them while shaping the direction of tomorrow, throughout a process that speaks about Life, Respect and – above all – Transformation.

That same transformation that is clearly inside the materials and within the people who work at Fluorsid. It’s considered as a symbol of the ability to move forward and to evolve immediately, while the company is planning the times ahead. We always prefer doing business the right way, in fact our day-by-day approach is based valuing how we work as much as what we achieve and our three values are there to remind us how we all scale our job. No matter how hard it is.


Respect as number one priority. To people, to environment, to ethic.


The willingness to leave something valuable and consistent. To make the difference in what we do. At every level.


Since the very beginning. This has been the legacy given by the founder and nowadays it’s still very clear to all of us. Every day.


To report directly to our registered office, please write to:

Area Industriale di Cagliari
2a Strada Macchiareddu
09032 Assemini (CA)

Please state on the envelope COMPLAINT / REPORT SA8000 or COMPLAINT / ANTI-CORRUPTION REPORT 37001 – Code of Ethics – MOGC 231 depending on the subject matter of the report

You can also use the following reporting channels provided by Fluorsid S.p.A

For SA8000 Reports

Via e-mail through the dedicated account: segnalazioniSA8000.cagliari@fluorsid.com

Certification Body:

  • Bureau Veritas Italia Spa, divisione Certificazione – Att.ne
    Responsabile CSR, viale Monza, 347 – 20126 Milano
    Fax +39 02 2552980 | E mail csr@bureauveritas.com

Accreditation Body:

  • SAAS Social Accountability Accreditation Services, (SAAS): 9 East, 37th Street, 10th Floor – New York, NY 10016 | tel: (212) 391-2106 | e-mail: saas@saasaccreditation.org

For Anti-Corruption Reports 37001 / Code of Ethics / Model 231

  • per posta elettronica – odv.cagliari@fluorsid.com
  • ordinary email – Area Industriale di Cagliari 2a Strada Macchiareddu 09032 Assemini (CA) – Italia – reserved for the attention of the Organismo di Vigilanza 
  • through the platform (https://fluorsid.integrityline.com/), accessible to people both inside and outside the company.

Thanks to:

Ing. Michele Lavanga

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Angelo Castellaneta