An injury-free year

An injury-free year

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2020 was certainly a complex and unpredictable year. In the multitude of mostly negative news and events that characterized it, we are happy to communicate a result that makes us really proud though.
Infact 2020 recorded ZERO injuries to the workers of FLUORSID operating in the plant. An exciting result, even more important if as it is obtained within complex industrial sites subject to ministerial authorizations, that they are part of the IPPC plants and are at risk of a major accident.
We have made a strong commitment and we have done our very best to keep it. Our cardinal values – integrity, ambition and perseverance – guide us. We are proud to be able to celebrate all together, every part of this result has been accomplished thanks to daily work. A special mention should be made to workers and their representatives, who have consistently  proven their professionalism, sense of responsibility and  their commitment towards health and safety objectives of FLUORSID.
This result must become a new normal. It would be the foundation to consolidate the good results achieved and extend a successful modus operandi to all the companies that collaborate with us.  Because H&S is –  first of all –  a cultural pillar, which must pervade all the components of our organization in carrying out every activity. Every day.

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