Fluorsid at the Samsung Innovation Camp

Fluorsid at the Samsung Innovation Camp

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The virtual closing ceremony of the third edition of Samsung Innovation Camp, the first time for the University of Cagliari, was held on Thursday 17 December. The groups (trained and selected from more than 125 students and recent graduates attending the Sardinian university), who presented the best works to the two local companies involved in the Innovation Camp project, Fluorsid and MutuiOnline, have been rewarded.


The key to win has been the quality of the proposal developed in response to the business cases commissioned by the two entrepreneurial excellence involved in the project. MutuiOnline Project Work had as its target the development of a platform for the improvement of the smart working experience of the employees” (the RAM group won). Instead, Fluorsid asked the students to re-design the process of reception and unloading of the raw material within the plants”, with the aim of the automation of all phases. In this case won a project where the students (Group 1) designed a system based on artificial intelligence, which allows Fluorsid to automate all phases of the goods reception. The group impressed for its ability to analyze the context and for the in-depth study of the technologies of the involved processes.


Fluorsid’s team, also part of the jury, included Stefano Melis (CMO and member of the Board), Daniele Tocco (Director of the Cagliari plant), Nicola Ariu (HR Manager) and Davide Schirru (HR Officer). The ceremony was also attended by Professor Gianni Fenu, Delegate Rector at the ICT of the University of Cagliari, Anastasia Buda, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia, Luca Delaini, Operations Manager Continuous Improvement and Paola Casu, Operations Continuous Improvement of MutuiOnline Group.


Nicola Ariu, HR Manager of Fluorsid and local point of reference with the University said: “The opportunities for discussion and collaboration with the academic world, which actively affect the students’ path, must always be encouraged. This is why we are very happy to have married a such valuable project. Seeing so many young people, who are engaged in a useful experience for interacting with internationally established realities, is something that repays every effort and leads to optimism for the future. We are all aware of how complicated, unprecedented and full of changes the period we have been going through for many months. Despite this, it has been possible to carry on the initiative, transforming the critical issues of the moment into opportunities thanks to the work of each member to whom the greatest compliments and thanks go”.


At the basis of the initiative, developed by Samsung Electronics Italia in collaboration with Randstad, there is the idea of ​​accompanying students of Italian public universities in a training course on innovation, opening new professional scenarios in the digital field, integrating university training through connection between technology, digital innovation and local businesses. The students were thus able to develop new business, marketing and digital strategy skills, particularly required by the current world of work, and to get in touch with local companies, to bring innovation to the main economic sectors of our country. A result that has been possible thanks to the mix of concepts learned in the lessons and in the practical collaboration with companies. The Project Work took place with meetings in multidisciplinary groups, in order to encourage teamwork and collaboration between profiles with complementary skills. The closing event represented the last step of this journey, during which the students shared their work with company employees, representatives of Samsung, Randstad and the university.

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