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The second half of the season of the Primavera (lit. spring) of Cagliari, that started with the challenge against Milan on February 2nd, coincided with the debut of a new partnership, that brought Gypsos, FLUORSID’s flagship product for its commitment to the development of a circular economy that is both sustainable and competitive on the market, directly on the front of the match shirt, to support a special initiative.

In other words, the right way to reinforce a new brand identity and to push young rossoblù talents to play a second half of the season up to the mark of the most ambitious goals.

The partnership between Gypsos and Cagliari Calcio intends on rewarding the football talents capable of taking on the field with a spirit of self-sacrifice and of representing the value of perseverance that, while climbing the ladder of success, perfectly embraces ambition and integrity.

After all, these are essential principles and virtues during the growth process of a young athlete in order to succeed in a highly competitive field like professional football.

Through crossing athletic and physical performance data taken during the season, the mental attitude towards the match and the ability to influence the final score with goals and assists, the best rossoblù player gets nominated Gypsos Player of the match, at the end of every match. At the end of the season, the player with the most nominations will become Gypsos Player of the season and will be awarded a trophy made in Gypsos and manufactured in the Assemini plant.

This initiative is alike the one already successfully tested during the 2021/2022 season, when Gypsos became the sponsor of Olbia Calcia, a C series club, through the creation of a personal award that, at the end of the season, was won by an ex rossoblù player, Nunzio Lella.

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