Ten years ago the farewell to Count Carlo Enrico Giulini

Ten years ago the farewell to Count Carlo Enrico Giulini

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Count Carlo Enrico Giulini left ten years ago, on February 1, 2011. Father of our President, a leading figure in Italian entrepreneurship since the first half of the last century, inspirer of the fundamental and intangible values ​​of the Group even in the presence of the new international missions.
Born in Germany in 1918 to a German mother and an Italian father, the Count arrived in Italy in 1937 to begin his adventure in the world of high industry. At the end of the 1950s, the landing in Sardinia – a land with which the link will immediately become evident and will remain very strong – with the activity in the fluorite mining field of Silius, in  Gerrei. It will be the start of a long era of mining research and infrastructural interventions.
Important steps renewed and strengthened year after year, making FLUORSID a world leader in the entire fluorine value chain, capable of covering every phase of the production process, from extraction to marketing and the simultaneous management of the markets. Results of the highest international level possible thanks to the perseverance that the Count possessed and encouraged at all times, fundamental together with the ambition that today allows us to cultivate renewed objectives in every field and at every latitude.
Integrity and respect, for work as well as for the territory, have always guided Carlo Enrico Giulini: this is why today they remain the basis of the work of every individual and reality that constitute the strength of a Group increasingly projected towards the future. Values and philosophies unshakeable for FLUORSID, as for Cagliari Calcio, even after the disappearance of the One who started everything.

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