FLUORSID unveils RMT Shield, its 100% polycarbonate made in Italy face visor.

FLUORSID unveils RMT Shield, its 100% polycarbonate made in Italy face visor.

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FLUORSID just launched an innovative product through its plant of Treviglio (Bergamo).  A new technology that arises from the need to cope in total safety and comfort across one of the most complicated time in the history of the humanity.

RMT Shield is a  100% made in Italy polycarbonate protective visor, a project designed and implemented already in spring 2020 to promptly compensate the lack of PPE where the risk of contagion was high.   FLUORSID – worldwide leader in manufacturing and sales of inorganic fluorochemicals – has deployed the most modern technologies and professionalism to offer a useful product on a national and international scale.

The idea was born at the beginning of the first, very tough moment of uncertainty and difficulty, in which the company was inspired by its cardinal principles – Life, Respect, Transformation – not only to guarantee the safety of its workers but also to provide a proactive  contribution to the communities of the territories where it operates, and only thereafter considering entering the market with a new product useful for all.

Compliant with all CE regulations, RMT Shield is an “easy-to-adjust” product, firmly wearable both directly on the skin and on eventual headset, even in the presence of glasses and filtering mask. Its contained light distortion allows full peripheral visibility, while the 0.75 mm thick polycarbonate surface offers a high standard of safety against contamination, impacts and scratches. RMT Shield can be graphically customized for each company or brand that decides to adopt it, and thanks to the absence of porous materials it will also avoid the accumulation of humidity (vehicle of contagion), allowing to be reused several times after disinfection.

As face masks and shields increasingly become part of our everyday wear during the coronavirus pandemic, RMT Shield offer its technology to never ending contexts, from the medical-health industry, touching contexts such as food and catering, ending up playing as a fundamental support for hairdressers and beauty centres. 

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