Signed Memorandum of Understanding between FLUORSID and ALBA

Signed Memorandum of Understanding between FLUORSID and ALBA

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Roma – February 4, 2020

The Memorandum of Understanding between Fluorsid and ALBA was signed at the Hotel Waldorf Astoria, represented on the occasion respectively by the President Tommaso Giulini and the President of the Board of Directors, Prince Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa. The object of the agreement is the supply of aluminum fluoride, with the aim of developing further projects in the future. The agreements also concerned other Italian companies, including Saipem / Snamprogetti, Eni, Fata, Techmo car, Omp Racing and Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica), which have signed agreements with Bahrain entrepreneurial realities. The occasion for ratification was the official visit of the Bahrain government, with a delegation led by the crown prince and first vice minister, and completed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Oil, Finance, National Economy, Transport and Telecommunications, Industry, Commerce and Tourism. With them, the CEO of the Bahrain economic development board (edb), the investment promotion and attraction agency in Bahrain.

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